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Valtra : Tractors, Twin-Trac Reverse Drive, Direct CVT transmission, Valtra Colour

Valtra Tractors

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Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. are main agents for Valtra tractors across Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northants and Nottinghamshire, from our depots at Belton, Horncastle, Spislby, Holbeach, Barnack and Lutterworth. As longstanding AGCO dealers (the parent company of Valtra) Chandlers sales, parts and service team are well placed to support this excellent range of Scandinavian built tractors, while still retaining the personal service you would expect from a family run business.

Valtra tractors have a long pedigree - first produced more than 60 years ago, and reaching the milestone of more than half a million tractors produced back in 2003 - with a hard earned reputation for reliability, durability and customer satisfaction in the toughest of environments. Valtra produce a wide range of tractors (from 50 to 400hp) that are tailor made to the customers exact requirements - even down to the choice of colour - there is a Valtra tractor that will suit almost every application. Valtra tractors are manufactured with pride to a very high standard in Finland, which is also home to the well known AGCO SISU power fuel efficient diesel engines that are used in every Valtra tractor.

With many pioneering features developed by Valtra during its history, including the now widely adopted PTO engine Powerboost, and the as yet unsurpassed ultra quiet tractor cabs, with a industry leading rating of only 69dBA (Valtra was the first to introduce factory fitted safety cabs back in 1967); and many unique features on the current range of tractors, including Twin-Trac reverse drive available across the full model range, steerable front linkage, and air front suspension, there are many reasons to find out how a Valtra tractor would suit your application.

If you would like to arrange a test drive demonstration of a Valtra tractor, please contact Chandlers Valtra specialist Martin Jarvis on 07867 180560, or your local area representative, who will be pleased to be of assistance.

Download the latest Valtra Tractor Brochures :

Valtra A-Series Brochure   Valtra N-Series Brochure Valtra T-Series Brochure  
Valtra A-Series tractor brochure   Valtra N-Series tractor brochure Valtra T-Series tractor brochure  
Valtra S-Series Brochure   Valtra model range brochure    
Valtra S-Series tractor brochure   Valtra Model Range tractor brochure    

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Twin-Trac Reverse Drive

With Twin-Trac controls the Valtra tractor can be operated backwards. Direction of travel can be changed without even leaving the drivers seat. Available as a factory fitted option on every model of Valtra tractor. With Twin-Trac reverse drive the operator has excellent visibility as well as increased maneuverability with rear wheel steering. Full speed is available in either direction (40kph or 50kph depending upon specification choice). Reverse drive is particularly suitable for :

Mower conditioners
Forage harvesters
Stump grinders
Silage clamping

Valtra Direct - CVT Transmission

The Valtra Direct is a CVT (constantly variable transmission) with a unique Valtra design. Providing stepless power, the Valtra Direct CVT has an easy to use automatic driving mode, allowing the engine to always operate at the lowest possible rpm, saving fuel and operator fatigue. With four work ranges - all starting from zero kph - it allows the operator to select the optimum efficiency between engine and transmission for peak performance and maximum economy in every application in the yard, field or road.

Try out the simple and intuitive Valtra Direct Controls in the interactive demonstration:


If the sophistication of the Valtra 'Direct' CVT is not required for your operation, then Valtra also offer a choice of conventional transmissions including the very popular traditional simple mechanical gearbox of the 'HighTech', controlled using a conventional gear lever, or the efficient 5 speed powershift transmission 'Versu' with similar controls to those of the 'Direct' CVT.


Valtra Colour Options

Valtra is unique in the tractor market in offering a wide range of factory colours. In keeping with their tailor made approach to the customers requirements, you can finish your tractor in a colour in keeping with your personal preference.


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