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Precision Farming: Autoguide self-steering, Telemetry & Security

Precision Farming Solutions from Topcon

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Chandlers have now supplied over 50 tractors fitted with AutoGuide self steering systems since the introduction of AGCO's AutoGuide self steering system in 2004. These steering systems have been fitted to Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Challenger tractors, which have been used for a variety of operations including cultivation's, drilling and planting. With our experienced committed team of engineers trained to offer support, backup and operator training, we aim to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved from your investment.

The latest AGCO guidance systems are supplied by Topcon, who are one of the world’s largest, and leading manufacturers of positioning solutions and instruments, offering a complete line up of high tech products for guidance, automatic steering, sprayer auto section control, variable application rate and mapping control systems. Topcon Precision Agriculture is a subsidiary of the Topcon corporation, backed by Toshiba, and listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.


All TopCon hardware packages are compatible and up-gradable, and the TopCon System 110 light bar is a cost effective user friendly entry into guidance, which can in future be upgraded to System 150 and full auto-steering.

Topcon steering systems can be retro-fitted to any make of tractor, combine or self-propelled sprayer. This can be done either by the accurate electric steering wheel system (AES-25), or using 'autosteer' ready components fitted to the tractor.

Steering systems operate using differential correction for the appropriate level of accuracy required for the application, from Egnos, Omnistar VBS, Omnistar HP, or RTK (Real Time Kinetic). RTK correction signals can be supplied either by local base station, RTK shared network or by GSM (mobile phone) RTK correction networks.

If you are interested in running autoguide tractor on a local Chandlers RTK network across Lincolnshire please get in touch now.

To see a TopCon steering system working near you, or arrange for an on farm demonstration of either Auto-steering or System 110 light bar guidance please contact our Precision Farming Specialist on 01476 513873 or email 

TopCon Quality Assurance : ISO 9001

Topcon Europe B.V. (as well as Topcon Corporation) is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standard.
The certificate of Topcon Europe B.V. is applicable to distribution, marketing, service and software development of opto-electronic products, laser and machine control products for medical, surveying, construction and agricultural markets in Europe.

TopCon Precision Farming Solutions

TopCon precision farming guidance systems



TopCon Precision Farming Brochure TopCon System 150 Self Steering Autoguide TopCon System 110 Light Bar Guidance System TopCon AES-25 Accurate Electric Steering Brochure
Download the Full TopCon Brochure Download the TopCon System
150 Brochure
Download the TopCon System
110 Brochure
Download the TopCon
AES-25 Brochure


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TopCon System 100 Lightbar Guidance

TopCon System 150 Autoguide Self Steering System

TopCon AES-25 Accurate Electic Steering Wheel Autoguide

TopCon precision farming application control systems

The TopCon X20 rate controller can be used to precisely control sprayers and application equipment. GPS switching of boom section control is an integrated function, or if you are already making use of the System 110 TopCon light bar guidance system, it can be quickly and easily set up to control an existing sprayer control box with GPS boom section control to avoid over-spray and under-spray with minimal operator effort.

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AgCommand Precision Farming Telemetry Solutions from AGCO

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Take control of your tractor and harvesting fleet with AgCommand Telemetry system.

The AGCO Agcommand telemetry system is fast becoming an invaluable tool for many agricultural business owners.

Economical and easy to install, Agcommand enables users to remotely monitor the location and working status of their agricultural machinery. Essential data is logged and transmitted via a mobile phone modem to an Internet server. The fleet owner or manager can then connect to the server to view up-to-date information, including engine status, fuel consumption, water temperature, vehicle location, speed and hours of work. This can be done from the office or in the field, using any desktop, laptop or iPhone connected to the Internet.

The benefits of having real time knowledge of your machines are many. You can minimise downtime by scheduling servicing and maintenance, increase machine security with the in-built tracker and alarm facility, organise fleets of carting tractors to make sure that all of your harvesters are kept working, not waiting. Agcommand can send alarms directly to a mobile phone or email inbox, for example, you could set alarms to alert you when engine functions are out of range, such as low oil pressure or high water temperature. Or you could set the system to send an alarm if the machine leaves a pre-defined geographical boundary, such as the farm-yard at night.

Vehicle maintenance records can be produced and users enjoy ready access to service information, such as oil and filter changes. Additionally, owners can give their AGCO dealer access to the machines’ status and records, so their dealer can monitor the health of the vehicles or organise scheduled routine maintenance.

gives users the ability to quickly produce reports, which summarise the following:
• all data logged
• engine activity
• in-work versus out-of-work time
• total machine activity (if more than one machine
is working in one field or location)
• maintenance needs.

Along with status information, Agcommand also provides location information. Utilising Google Maps technology, the location of all machines can be viewed in map view, satellite view or a combination of both. Data on forward speed, engine hours and current direction of travel is also recorded. On top of this, the Agcommand website is very user-friendly and allows owners to keep track of several fleets at once and all the machines in each fleet.

AgCommand Precision Farming fleet management telemetry user login
AgCommand User Login

The Agcommand system is simple to install and carries AGCO Corporation’s comprehensive warranty. There are three components: the AM50 module, which contains all the electronics, a GPS antenna, and a mounting bracket. Simply plug and play into AGCO factory ‘Agcommand ready’ machines or retro-fit kit is available to fit to any existing machine regardless of make or model.

Example of the History screen showing a Challenger MT765C in operation nr Spalding


AGCOMMAND Product Guide    
Download the Full AGCOMMAND Product Guide      

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. support the HGCA (Home Grown Cereals Authority) with their 'Be Precise' campaign, highlighting the benefits of precision farming for increasing farm profitability and at the same time helping the environment.

If you would like any more general background information on the topic of Precision Farming, the HGCA have put together a comprehensive website on the subject, including a simple cost:benefit calculator where you can try out some of the possible precision farming solutions using your own farm data on acerage, input costs and crop market values to see how you may benefit from them.

You can visit their website at : and clicking on this link and banner.

Click here to visit the HGCA information on the Be Precise campaign on Precision Farming


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