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Massey Ferguson Delta Hybrid Combine - MF9380

Massey Ferguson's Brand New Generaton of Delta Hybrid combine has many unique new features. The MF9380 combine has an all new 35' version of the industry leading Massey Ferguson Powerflow header, capable of unparalleled crop feed in all crops and all conditions. Impressive crop feed is matched with full width (based on 8 straw walker width chassis) high inertia drum and concave threshing and the revolutionary high output hybrid twin rotary straw separation.

Click here to Download the brochure on the Brand New Massey Ferguson 9380 Delta and 7382/7380 Centora Combine Brochure
MF 9380 Delta combine &
MF 7380/7382 Centora combine



Massey Ferguson 9280 Delta Hybrid Combine, with twin rotary hybid straw separation technology, hyperforma venturi cleaning, and industry leading 30' powerflow table


Watch the computer animation of how the new Massey Ferguson Delta Hybrid Combine, feeds, thrashes and separates the crop, using Hybrid twin rotary separation technology, venturi air flow cleaning system, producing a high quality clean sample, with a huge output, negligible grain loss and maximum efficiency.

Powering harvesting is the brand new fuel efficient AGCO SISU 7 cylinder SCR AbBlue technology 500 hp diesel engine. Also new out on the MF Delta combine is the Hyperforma venturi cleaning system, producing a clean crop sample, even under maximum capacity harvesting. When chopping straw, the crop residue can now be spread full width by the new straw spreader. To aid in driver comfort the MF 9280 Delta combine can be set up to run on constant flow, with the forward speed automatically controlled to maximise output 24hrs a day, and kept working at full width at all times using the TOPCON Autoguide self steering system. With this modern technology the Massey Ferguson Delta combine has the performance to match all your harvesting requirements.

See the MF Delta Combine working near you this harvest... and prepare to be impressed.

Download the brochure and find out how AGCO SISU Power can reduce your combine running costs.

Massey Ferguson 9280 Delta Combine Brochure Massey Ferguson AGCO SISU Power
MF 9280 Delta combine AGCO SISU Power


Watch video from the World launch of the BRAND NEW Massey Ferguson Delta Hybrid Combine

Massey Ferguson Harvesting Gold

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