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Chandlers tractor and telehandler security solutions

Datatag machinery ID security systemBacksafely are Thatcham recognised installers of imobilisers and tracking devicesTraakit Vehicle Trakers

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd are CESAR Datatag and Thatcham CAT 2 accredited Imobiliser suppliers including providing professional on farm installation.

In recent months the agricultural industry has seen a significant rise in thefts of tractors, telehandlers and machinery. If you are concerned about the security of your equipment, and want to reduce your risk, then contact your local Chandlers Area Sales Representative to discuss the tractor and telehandler security options.

Chandlers can fit a range of cost effective, Datatag ID, Thatcham approved Imobiliser and Satellite Tracker devices, including professional installation, that may reduce your insurance costs, prevent downtime and an insurance claim, loss of your insurance excess or even worse.

CESAR Datatag machinery ID

Datatag machinery ID security system
Speak to your local workshop manager for a price including professional on farm installation, package pricing for fittinge multiple units on a single farm visit.

Supported and promoted by the insurance industry, the CESAR (Construction and Agricultural Machinery Security and Registration Scheme), provides a cost effective method to increase the security of your tractors, telehandlers and any other machinery vunerable to theft. Powered by Datatag ID technology, the Datatag scheme can result in a reduction in your insurance premiums, with the following leading insurers : Zurich, RSA, Allianz, HSB Engineering Insurance Ltd, Aviva, NFU mutual, and XL insurance along with others.



Click Here to Download the CESAR Datatag Brochure NFU Insurance Discounts on fitting of additional tractor and telehandler security products including CAT 2 (P2) immobiliers and CESAR Datatag

CESAR Datatag Brochure.pdf
NFU Discounts for Additional
Tractor Security.pdf


TRAAKiT GPS Vehicle tracking security devices

Traakit Vehicle Trakers
Speak to your local workshop manager for a price including professional on farm installation (which will includes 1 year subscription)

Chandlers have recently been appointed dealers for the TRAAKiT range of vehicle tracking devices. With a simple online customer registration and unique website access, you can follow the location of your tractors, telehandlers or other farm equipment from the comfort of your office or home. Suitable both for security purposes, and fleet monitoring the TRAAKiT GPS vehicle trackers can be professionally installed either alone, or in combination with the other security features such as the DATAtag and Thatcham approved imobilisers.

•It's simple and easy to use
•You can guard what you want, wherever you want
•You know where your equipment is at all times
•You can track your equipment online, anywhere in the world - no software to download! - use a web-browser
•You can set up an 'invisible fence' around your equipment using a computer or mobile phone
•You can automatically schedule when your equipment is guarded at set periods during the day or night
•You can automatically set an 'invisible fence' every time the ignition is switched off
•You can get reports on the hours run and miles travelled on each piece of equipment
•You are immediately alerted if your equipment is removed from the 'invisible fence'
•You can transfer your TRAAKiT service from one piece of equipment to another with no additional charge

Two models available, TD1 (with rechargable battery - suitable for equipment without an external 12 Volt power supply), and TD2 (hard wired to the vehicles power source).

Thatcham CAT 2 (P2) accredited Imobilisers

Backsafely are Thatcham recognised installers of imobilisers and tracking devices
Speak to your local workshop manager for a price including professional on farm installation, package pricing for fittinge multiple units on a single farm visit.

Installation of a simple and reliable CAT 2 Thatcham accredited imobilisers, will provide a physical deterrent to tractor and telehandler theft. When professionally installed we have had first hand success in preventing the theft of tractors in our local area, despite sustained attack by an organised gang of thieves that had previously stolen tractors from the farm. The imobilisers are completely covert, and require no additional effort by the tractor operator in normal usage, simply the presence of the correct imobiliser key fob on the tractor key ring when starting.

With Thatcham CAT 2 (P2) accreditation, and installation by Thatcham approved installers addition of an imobiliser to your tractor or telehandler will also provide an extra discount on insurance premiums with all leading insurers.



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